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File Folder Organization
I am finding that for projects file folder organization can play a large factor. I am wondering if people have tips or tricks for file folder organization. Currently, I utilize the process groups to separate my files, but when the team needs a place they place items anywhere and it gets very disorganized. Hoping to get some tips and tricks on best way for project files/folders organization within a project to cause ease on the project team and PM.
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I start with two main folders, on for Planning and another for Execution. Under Planning, I have sub-folders for the PM processes, where I keep the various project documentation. Under Execution, I have Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Implement and Close.
Jul 06, 2018 9:40 AM
Replying to Thomas Walenta
Yes, keep it simple, nobody wants to search for documents in a complicated multilevel file structure. Use a tool - if you can - with overall search capability. If your team members work on different projects, a common standard is helpful. Create document name standards.

Here is an example I used:
01 Meetings SteerCo, Internal Meetings, Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Contact List, Orgchart, Communication Plan
02 Schedule & Effort Baselines schedule, budget(efforts), PMP (processes), milestones, external dependencies
03 Actions / Decisions Action Tracker, Open Point List, escalation management
04 External Support SOW, RfP, decision criteria/matrix, Proposals, Contracts, Assignments(Orders), deliveries, quality checks,
05 Actuals, Monitoring & Reporting Status reports, effort tracking (internal/external)
06 Change Management Project CRs, Project Change Log, Change Control Board Meetings/Decisions
07 Project Scope scope (deliverables list, WBS, scope statement), Requirements register/backlog, pre-project results (business case, SOW), Project Mgmt Plan (Processes), acceptance criteria,/DoD, acceptance letters
08 Project Risks Risk Register, Contingency Plans
09 Financials (restricted) Budgets/rates in €, invoices, plan/actuals in Euro, ProQuest CRs
10 Stakeholders (restricted) Stakeholder Analysis Engagement Plan
Very useful suggestion and It may help to assign folder name by its function.
I'm with Elizabeth on this. I've never used process groups but would use either work packages and/or activities groups.
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