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Help with Job seeking - New Zealand
Hi all, been actively looking for a job now for some time in New Zealand where I live, but struggling to get interviews. Most PM jobs here are in the constructions industry, and there's the catch 22 of needing a job to get experience and needing experience to get a job. I did work as a trainee carpenter for a while here in NZ, but not sure that counts as the experience they are looking for. Any tips on how to get the experience? Should I volunteer to work for free?
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Is construction your area, or were you simply commenting on availability?

Regardless of industry, volunteering certainly will help build up experience and will build your network. I see you have your PMP, so you must have some experience, correct?
Yeah that sounds like you want to work in construction project management. But then you have a PMP as Andrew said, so I assume you have experience in other project domains.
The work completed as a carpenter trainee is indeed experience. Volunteerism can also be experience if it fits within the PMI areas of knowledge.

Would revisiting your resume be beneficial? From your post it sounds like it may need a review/refresh. Especially your PM & carpenter experience... Is it called-out at the top of the resume? Any management or responsibility while in-role (or while in previous roles)? Also, by seeking-out a trainee role you demonstrated that you are action-oriented and willing to learn new skills in-role (another resume highlight).

Other skills and abilities such as commitment to safety & quality; and the ability to complete tasks on-time & as scheduled, manage people & projects, and complete projects within budget should also be included (briefly noted w/measurable or quantifiable examples).
Get in touch with your local chapter. That’s one way to start making connections and hopefully it will eventually lead to something.
Thanks for your comments everyone. My previous experience as PM has been in a science background - but very few if any of those jobs in NZ. I am going to my local chapters next meeting this week. There are tons of jobs in construction PM, and since I like construction and am a skill DIYer and joiner I think that would be a good fit for my talents and hobbies. I've called some HR people after having my application refused and got feedback from them. So with theirs and yours comments I'll revisit my CV and then go job hunting again - after the world cup of course!
Any luck, Graeme? I have a friend from high school that has built his civil engineering practice in New Zealand, if you want to look for opportunities there.
The fact that you have a PMP Cert. does not make you a Construction Industry Project Manager.
However, Typical starting points within the Construction Industry would be as a member of a Construction Execution Team working for an experienced Construction Project Manager. Hopefully, you can sign on as a Field Superintendent monitoring Vendors and Subcontractors during the Installation of the Deliverable. You can improve your Management of people Skillset, learn and understand the Field Quality Control Process, learn the communication and daily reporting requirements, participate in OAC meetings and watch your Project Manager in action. Remember, everyone involved in the execution of a Construction project must be well versed in Safety Requirements!
A hint- the following are typical phrases are used by experienced construction management people..."we do whatever it takes to get the job done" and "Safety is everyone's business".
Good Luck!
From the trenches!
Well said Mark.

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