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In which context do we use Lean Portfolio Management?

In which context is Lean Portfolio Management applied? How is it different from portfolio management? What is the major benefit of Lean Portfolio Management?
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Damian -

Are you referring to a specific portfolio management methodology or the application of lean principles to portfolio management. If the latter, then I would assume it is just eliminating as much waste as possible from portfolio management processes and emphasizing value-add activities.


The Lean started in the area of manufacturing and spread out as a practice. I call lean is the seek of perfectionism in eliminating errors

Key is what @Kiron stated above. In my actual work place we use Lean practices and we use Agile practices too. For Agile we use Scrum framework. BUT as @Kiron stated both are practices and that is the key to take into account. To give you an example, we did not change our portfolio management process to add it Lean and Agile practices. Time after we incorporate Agile practices to the process then we decide to change to use Scrum.

I assume it is the latter also (the application of lean principles to portfolio management) unless Damian comes back with something different.

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