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If you have had an opportunity of moving from the role of Traditional PM to an Agile PM/Scrum Master, what have been your transformations?

-- would like to know the transformations as an individual dealing with the team & stakeholders
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First thing is to undersand that something PM does not exists. In my actual work place the same person is assigned to more than one initiative at the same time and one of them use non Agile based proecess while the other use Agile based process. Some of them when work with Scrum becomes Scrum Masters but here is a different thing and requeres additional skills. So, in this case, the peson assigned to that role has the needed knowledge to perform as Scrum Master. Scrum Master is not the same than project manager. Scrum is a framework (not a method) and when you read the Scrum Guide you will find that some project management responsabilities have been distributed between roles. On the other side, if you ask me, I am saying that the demmand of roles related to Scrum has been growth in several markets and countries around the world. Take a look if to move to that role will help you to be prepare to the future relating to find new job opportunities. Remember what somebody said (I will cited literally with does not mean it can be taken "as-is"): never said no to a new opportunity. If you do not know how to perform the role say "yes" and learn faster performing the role.

Start with reading through the Scrum Guide will help to provide insight into the responsibilities of a Scrum Master, in which you can infer the differences to traditional project management.

Girija, I did that when I was a program manager and at the same time helped the organization with their Agile transformation, playing the role of Agile coach and stepping in as Scrum Master as we trained other SM's. Dealing with stakeholders was no easier, well at the top it was, but middle management I found to be the most difficult, not wanting to lose the control they previously enjoyed.

Agree with Sergio & Sante

Girija -

there are two transformations at play.

One is the personal transformation of making yourself a true servant-leader and focusing on helping the team be as self-managing and self-organizing as possible.

The second is the organizational transformation around your project which is crucial for successful agile delivery.

For example, if you are a good Scrum Master but the functional managers you are dealing with are unwilling to dedicate their team members to your project and you can't influence a change in their behavior, the outcomes won't be any better than before.


I agree with Sergio, Sante & Kiron on their insights and experiences.

Based on my own experience & what I have been seeing around with my colleagues, personal transformation plays a major role in working with our teams & management folks, at times of crisis & during the evolutionary journey of Agile transformation. That's when it becomes more chaotic and we need to maintain our balance in collaborating with various levels of people.

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