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PMP certification pass what next
Hello All, Yesterday I cleared PMP certification exam now need to know what next. Suggest how to collect pdu and engaged with community.
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Hi Suresh, Many Congratulations on clearing PMP certifications and wish you the best for future.
Continue your PMI membership and register in local PMI chapter

Congrats on clearing PMP ! You can earn PDU by associating yourself with the local chapter in volunteering, attending chapter sessions. You may attend PMI National & Global conferences to earn PDU. You have lot of opportunities to earn PDUs once you become PMI member - access to webinars & other opportunities. Start exploring..
Hi Suresha! Congrats for the certification. You can check the myPMI-Report PDUs on CCRS section in you login
You can collect PDU's through
1. Education(courses,meetings,webinars,reading books and Informal learning)
and through
2. Giving back(volunteering,sharing knowledge,giving presentation,authoring books and your daily PM activities).
Congratulations Suresha!!! continue to earn PDU's as per CCR's handbook. For other certificate, it depend your career!!!
Hi, Suresha! Congratulations! I also gained my PMP Certificate in the first quarter of this year. Continue your PMI membership. Also, is really useful site to benefit from lots of webinars, articles, networks, blog pages..etc. I strongly recommend you to follow this site as well.
I would say it depends what you do.. You can go vertical or horizontal
I use 4 ways to maintain the certification (surely this is only my own experience, and there is a lot of others):
1. Working as a Project manager (8 PDUs for each 3-year cycle).
2. Participating in some volunteering activity (the easiest way is to get consulted in your chapter). The benefit is not only the PDU, this activity is very interesting and allows you to get in touch with best professionals, and improves your leadership skills.
3. Watching webinars here on The PDUs (usually 1 pdu for each webinar) goes automatically. But not all are interesting.
4. One or two time in the 3-year cycle you can afford yourself to attend some big event, which requires the payment. Chargable events in general are more effective, more interesting and gives you really big pack of PDUs.
There are different types of PDU. Periodically refer to your profile at and you will get understanding of which and how many you need.
You are absolutely right to start thinking of it just after getting PMP. Do not postpone to the end of the certification cycle.
Hi Suresh, hope you do experienced well while clearing PMP in 6th Edition with Agile practice.

Congratulations !!
Congrats Suresh Welcome to the PMP Club!!!!

You have lot of webinars in this site you can start watching them for your PDU's..
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