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What makes more sense, "Project in a box" or "Project Pathways"?

Hey all. I'm a mgmt consultant, got sick of clients only doing half of what is needed and me having to explain to the C-level about the impact and loss of not doing the final half. To correct that, I decided to take a few months off between clients and write both a methodology and a full example of artifacts populated with data from a fictitious project, but using a real life example of something recently invented that healthcare companies will be doing in the next several years. (Details once I publish it, that's just the teaser :-) )

This is far more than just a framework, methodology, or case study. It's all of those put together, 80% of what a company needs to succeed (no one thing is ever 100%), with a real life set of information to follow.

I know the PM types would "get" it, but what would make more sense to the C-level? "Project in a box"? "Project Pathway"? Something else?

Thx for any feedback. This thing has taken me weeks to write, I think i'm going batty :-)
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I like simple and memorable marketing, so "Project in a Box".

Well, it cannot be 'Project in a Box'. That is an existing product. That's actually what I thought by the title this thread was about.
1 reply by Sante Vergini
Jul 23, 2018 9:38 AM
Sante Vergini
and the IP gods have spoke hehe :-)

How about "Projects in Practice" since you will be providing actual content rather than just templates?


Very interesting. I'll have to mull that over. Thanks!

Like Kiron suggestion "Project in practice" what about "C-Level Projects" for added food for thinking.

Interesting. to be explored

Based on the use case you provided I recommend you move forward with "Project in a box". It more clearly describes a model that has clear boundaries, has a clear start /end date and scope. "Project Pathways", would be excellent to use for a transformation type project where the client would be more open to a journey. Good-luck!

Jul 21, 2018 7:16 PM
Replying to Andrew Craig
Well, it cannot be 'Project in a Box'. That is an existing product. That's actually what I thought by the title this thread was about.
and the IP gods have spoke hehe :-)

I just spent 3 hours on the USPTO website this weekend as I'm reviewing new logo options for my company. Not worried about "Project in a box" IP, no chance does that get a trademark, it's like claiming methodology is unique. Plus they spell it programme, that's totally different! :-)

But then again, no desire to confuse people. Projects In Practice or Pathways it is. Now I just need to finish writing it, so it's something more than half-baked vaporware...

I like ‘Projects in Practice’ PiP for short!

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