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Looking for suggestions on question patterns for PMP exam based on PMBOK 6th edition

Has anyone recently taken the PMP exam based on the 6th edition. If so, pls send in your comments and suggestion on the questions pattern, as Im not sure on the how many questions shall be based on Agile.

Need to know if I have to dig in deep into the Agile section of the PMBOK for preparing for the exam.

Your feedbacks shall be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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HI Shyam,
My suggestion don't leave any topic/concept. Prepare well and be clear & strong in concepts and it will take you through.

All questions are situational questions then you have to understand where you are in the project life cycle and what the PMBOK state is the action to take. All you need to know about the amount of questions related to domains is inside the content outline.

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