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Hope this email finds you well,

I am currently working towards my dissertation for a MSc in Project Management at Westminster University London, and I would like to invite you to take part in a short interview (30 -40 min max) about how digital transformation is being introduced inside organisations, its drivers and barriers, the influence of cultural aspects, the philosophy behind when implementing this process and the involvement of communication.

All the interview data and company information will be kept anonymous and remain confidential, and I would be more than happy to share a copy of my dissertation after it has been finalised by the end of August.

If you are happy to take part please would you let me know when would it be suitable for me to contact you via Skype/ WhatsApp..? I appreciate this is probably a very busy time for you but your participation would be very valuable for my research project.

Many thanks in advance, I am looking forward to your reply!

Kind regards,
Barbara Tondo
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I am interested. I can participate through e-mail only

Sure, Barbara. I can help. Please contact me.

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