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What three skills do you think are most important to be an effective project manager?

Is it
The Talent triangle or
strong communication skills, excellent organization capabilities, and a keen ability to manage time
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For me it is two basic skills - listening and leading. If you listen well you can choose when and what to do in order to provide effective leadership.

Listening, negotiating (without seeming like you're negotiating), and the ability to make everyone successful.

On my last project I was the overall IT implementation lead for a massive project. But yet, regularly pulled into 2 of the 8 streams that reported into me as it was a difficult set of stakeholders where meetings turned toxic. The C-level asked that I personally take ownership because I was the only one who could keep the room calm, secure agreements, and follow up to make sure people abided by them.

I think understanding the strategic objective of your project, organizational politics and effective decision making and maintaining team dynamics is important among other skills.

Learning, listening and communication

Stakeholder engagement, communication, and reducing the gulf of evaluation.

Emotional intelligence
Critical thinking for decision making
Communication for effective stakeholder management

Run faster than your stakeholders when things go wrong. (while I do not know if it can consider skill or ability) - jejejejeje

The balance between cost time resources and deliverables

Communication, stakeholder engagement and integration

1) Communication
2) Transparency
3) Clarity
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