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How do you track your billable Project Manager time?

I manage a team of engineers who are working on multiple projects. Probably like most of you, most of my day is spent with phone calls, emails, and meetings about these projects with clients and enginners. Let's say I spend 1hr of my time where I've communicated with 10 different clients on various projects. We want to better allocate mine and other PM's time to billable tickets. However, it seems taxing to write an email + fill out a ticket (in Connectwise), write an email to another client + fill out a ticket, take a phone call + fill out a ticket. You can see where this would get taxing and use a lot of time, just to fill in tickets every few minutes.

What methods do other professionals use to track PM time through a day?
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Josh -

why track it to that level of detail? In general, I'd look at a flat-line allocation over a time period (e.g. 25% for the first month) for PM effort.

Other than law firms where time gets booked down to the minute, I don't see how this will add much value and will create a sense of (false) accuracy unless folks are updating their timesheets multiple times a day.


If it is not written in the project plan then do not exits. So, the first thing is to put project management activities inside the project plan.

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