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How do we make employees embrace change?

Change is constant. But it's not easy to manage change. People often resist change. What are the effective tactics to manage change?
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My personal top three list is:

1. Create a legitimate sense of urgency - thanks John Kotter
2. Start with Why (and WIIFM) - thanks Simon Sinek
3. Engage those impacted the change in the design & implementation of the change - thanks "the school of hard knocks"


Change is inevitable!!!!

Well you don't! for employees to embrace change, a sense of ownership of the change to come must be generated from within. And here, I would reiterate what Kiron said"start with Why, consider what's in it for them, and make sure the environment is conducive to execute it."

As slowly as possible. If they are heavily resistant to change, break the changes up into smaller chunks. Let them get used smaller incremental changes over time.

Not always possible, sometimes changes need to be quick. In that case, work to justify the changes and prove to people why the changes are needed. Explain why it has to be so urgent. Get their input and help in implementing the change.

Damian -

I completely agree with Kiron's list.

Though people understand the need for change usually they resist due to uncertainty and insecurities in their career. Having good discussions with them and giving out a clear plan of actions with a picture of their career goals, would make them embrace change passionately.

All you need to know about change is here (hehehe):

Thank you all.

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