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Tips for Quality Assurance Construction project
Hi all. I am starting a new construction project and need extra attention to Quality Assurance. Can you recommend tools and best practices. Thanks in advance
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Wow! This is a big topic!
You may want to examine some QA plans online. QA includes creating the processes to govern the Quality Controls you expect to execute to produce the best deliverable.

Since your title is Logistics I suggest you decide and produce a plan that will define the LEVEL of Inspection for all the items you intend to procure. In some cases, this will involve visiting/Inspecting and approving the manufacturer's facility and products at the Plant. It may continue to monitor the production process and shipping process. It may include Inspections at the point of delivery/port of entry to your country, and then an inspection at the point of delivery to the Project.
Additionally, you may want to perform Testing of products at the production facility, prior to shipping, and after delivery to the Project.

As you know, you also need the actual Inspections and Testing defined at the point of installation on the Project, as well as a final acceptance policy.

How will you know what items the QA Policy will include? You need the policy to cover everything on your firm's Procurement list.
The starting point- request specs from each supplier in the form of a submittal to your firm, then approve/disprove those specs, and cross check those specs later during your Inspection and Test Protocols.

This was the short version answer to your question. I strongly suggest you obtain a "PQP" (Project Quality Plan) from an online source or someone you know to help give you an idea of the format to construct your own plan........

Good Luck!

Quality Assurance is a process to ensure the quality results or measurements are as per policy and procedures in the company's organization. Review this topic in PMBOK. Then, visit your organization and specs of from your client or customer and follow the procedures and follow them in your investigation. They should be there!!!
I also had one in mind to discuss here. Thanks for posting this MAX.

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