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The top 5 things that a new Project Manager should know.

Hi PM Community.
I would like to know - Looking back at your past experience over the years, what are the top 5 things you wish a new Project Manager should know?
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Those are the top 5 things, in my opinion, should be considered by a new Project Manager:

1 - Talk always with the truth, with your team, boss or any stakeholder.
2 - Trust always on your team
3 - Take a look of little details and ask for help from an expert if necessary.
4 - Be a Leader
5 - Build a good relationship with your team
Sorry but actual scene is much different than knowing, when it comes to fair practice.

Perhaps the first 5 things would be to read the first 5 chapters of the PMBOK guide...

Only one: How to run fastr than stakeholders when things go wrong....(hehehehe)

Well, as a new PM before he starts he should have an experience work in his field. Then, he should know interpersonal skills like communication, negotiation, problem solving, leadership, ...etc.
He should also good for stakeholder and communication management knowledge!!!!


1. Speak less, and listen more
2. Keep less, and delegate more
3. Doubt less, and trust more
4. Blame less, and account more
5. Contempt less, and honor more

1.- do the right Project Integration Management
2.- be a trustful communicator
3.- lead your team by example
4.- understand the strategic goals of your company
5.- keep yourself up to date

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