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I am looking forward for PMP certification. Can anyone help me on how to proceed with this?

I want help on the study materials to follow and how to prepare for it.
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There are so many discussion threads about this here so try to search for PMP certification and you will find so many discussion threads that you will benefit from. Good Luck

I agree with Rami on this.

Check this out

Kanchan -

Remember that a study plan is very personal and needs to be based on where you are starting from. I'd suggest taking a good quality practice exam as a start to give you an idea as to how big the gap is between where you are and where you want to be.


First of all, read the PMP tips in PMI website, read PMP handbook and PMP exam outline very well. After that, read PMBOK in many times and understand ITTO's, definitions,..etc. Then, read rita book for understanding. After that, practie thousands questions from PMSTUDY, PMPRECAST & Udemy. Finally, realax and book your exam!!


Read and assimilate the PMBOK first. Read and assimilate a book for how to pass an exam. Do tests. Give yourself time.

Doing the PMP certification is a project in itself. I scheduled my exam and then started with planning - created a plan and schedule which involved reading the PMBOK twice and Rita Mulchay and Andy Crowe books Project Management important concepts and solving the chapter end questions. Practised many online PMP samples questions. Tried to connect the dots between each knowledge area and process groups and processes and create a big picture. Did a brief revision couple of weeks before my exam date. You could create a plan based on number of days/weeks needed to study the chapters or concepts, then go forward from there. Practise situation based questions or have a good understanding of concepts, in my experience there aren't any sample questions which are close enough to the real exam questions. All the best!

Hi Kanchan, Wish you all the best

It's personal.
Despite this I took a sabbatical and studied for 30 days at a rate of 8 hours a day. The last week was devoted to answering 200 questions per day.

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