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Program structure for a company acquisition Program

I am curious how best to set up a program org structure that involves multiple companies such as a company acquisition. Would the recommendation be to have a PMO Manager and Program Manager in the one company to work with a PMO Manager and Program Manager counterpart in the other organization or would it not work if there is more than one program manager? However, with only one program manager I do see a lot of challenges especially when it comes to fulfilling majority of program management duties for the other company especially because they don't know resources, processes, not close enough etc to be able to add the full value. Also, in this type of structure where would a business change manager or Business Relationship manager best fit in?
I am interested to hear your thoughts or recommendations of what has worked for you? Thank you
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A company I used to work for grew from 35 people when I started to over 1000 after I had left, and in process acquired many other companies. It can be challenging in determining roles and responsibilities when there is potential overlap. It really comes down to how the company wants to be structured internally - separate divisions/ entities with little oversight, or divisions managed centrally. This will depend on how the company is set-up for business, there is no one size fits all approach. I think in the end they had each "division" managed on its own with oversight from corporate, especially when it came to strategic planning. Most definitely, you want to avoid duplication of effort.

The trick here is to understand what works for your situation - having the flexibility to try a couple of configurations would definitely help. Having said that, a steering committee made up of key, decision-making leadership from the participating organizations could be an effective approach. This steerco can have program managers who drive change in their respective organizations. However I would expect a single pmo that is accountable to the steerco.

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