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Working Remote in 2018

Our membership association (30-50 people) is in the early stages of developing a remote/flex work policy. We are searching for examples from other associations and smaller companies with specific consideration for those in CRM roles.

An internal team has been tasked with finding at least 5 substantive, relevant examples of remote/flexible policies from other associations and similarly sized companies with CRM roles (NO big company policies, please). Team members will need to interview association/business leaders to learn what has been successful in their own offices – and learn what has NOT worked well (challenges, opportunities and lessons learned). We are seeking actual policies AND practical feedback. The deadline for the research is Friday, August 24, 2018 for a Fall 2018 implementation. If you fit the criteria above and are willing to share more on your remote/flex policy, please contact me (Angelina Mullins) at

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