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Recommended Software Dev PM Training Courses

I work for a software development company as a scrum certified product owner. I am planning to take the PMP exam within the next year and am looking for a course, online or in-person, that will provide better real-world insight on how to properly manage projects from start to end.

One of the main problems my company experiences is resource constraint due to tasks taking much longer than expected or discovering unplanned work that needs to be completed. I am hoping to take a course that could explain how planning & managing a team should go (the "textbook" directions) but also explain real-life situations since very few things every follow the textbook.
I believe the two biggest areas that could be improved at my company is risk and change management.

Karrie -

Most reputable PM training companies should offer a PMBOK-aligned PM foundations course with a fictitious cradle-to-grave project scenario.

I'd suggest contacting the professional development director/lead in your PMI Chapter to get some local recommendations.


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