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"A bad job with a good boss is better than a good job with a bad boss"

A common saying goes -
"A bad job with a good boss is better than a good job with a bad boss".

Which one would you choose? How often you have dealt with this in your career?
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In the end no one wins.

Better to cut the cord and move on to a new company.

Agree with Drake.
I hope no one lands into such a situation.

It really depends :) Other factors would be at play. How is the culture otherwise, define 'bad', define 'good', how is their boss, what are the growth opportunities, etc.

I've experienced both situations a number of times as a contractor, and a bad job with a good boss is definitely better.

Ideally neither but if those were my only choices I'd choose the bad job and good boss every day of the week ending in "day"!

I've experienced both and while a good boss can make a bad job tolerable and you might be able to follow him or her when they move to a better job, a bad boss can make a dream job a nightmare and sticking it out in the hopes that they will improve or move on can be a corrosive, soul-draining misery.


Although, I am yet to experience it, I will go with, 'bad job with a good boss.' I recently experienced the 'good job with a bad boss,' and I must confess, it was a nightmare. A toxic work environment isn't a place for anyone.

Every project involves people. Having a good boss supporting you will make any bad job tolerable.

I've experienced both and agree with everyone above: having a good boss is definitely better.


I have been in both situations. I can personally tell you a bad boss will ultimately drive you nuts. They will eventually affect your personal life not just work related items.

For my mental safety, I prefer a bad job and a great Boss. Ideally, I would prefer a good job and Boss.

I have had both. And while both caused major stress, I would say the bad boss was the worse of the two.
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