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Solutions for Organizational Silos

Organizational silos are defined as a mindset when a department or sector does not wish to share information with others in the same company. What strategies do organizations need to break down organizational silos?
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Generally, an organization needs to make it more advantageous for a silo to share information than to hoard it. Creating the best strategy to achieve this depends on the reason(s) the silos exist.

Damian -

It's somewhat similar to what's needed to get a group of individuals to want to put aside their personal agendas and work as a team, just usually an order of magnitude harder!

here are a few suggestions:

1. A common goal supported by shared KPIs
2. Shared accountability for "walking the talk" by the leadership team
3. A zero tolerance policy for silo-behaviors


Organizational silos are not mindset. Organizational silos are enteprise architecture physical forms that existing today. They are not logical, they are physical. Those forms are created as the natural evolution of enterprise architectures from industrial revolution to functional decomposition. What you have to do, mainly if you like to implement Agile, is to transform those pysical forms into logical ones integrating them maintaining low coupling and high cohesion.

Break down the silos, but not with a hammer. Gradually become transparent, build cross functional teams, promote sharing and collaboration, and the silos will begin to dissolve.

Agree with Sergio

Thank you all for sharing how to overcome organizational silos.

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