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Answer please
Which document in the project management plan can be updated in the Plan Procurement
Management process?

A. Budget estimates
B. Risk matrix
C. Requirements documentation
D. Procurement documents
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I'd say 'D. The Plan Procurement Management process involves a 'make or buy' decision, and procurement documents are an output of this process. The risk register, not the risk matrix, is an input to the process, and budget estimates and requirements documentation should be updated in subsequent processes.
I would choose A actually.
I'd actually go with A as estimated can be updated as we plan procurement and procurement docs themselves are out of a downstream PM process if memory serves.

I choose D, obviously.
Answer is 'D'
D- Procurement documents
This is one of the outputs of Plan Procurement Management process which will be updated.
The Plan procurement management process only has updates on project documents and organizational process assets. The Project Management plan is not updated by this process (except that the Procurement Mgmt Plan is added).

D) Procurement Documents and C) Requirements documentation are NOT part of the Project Management Plan (PMBoK p89 and p714).
A) Budget estimates are included in the Cost baseline, part of the Project Management Plan, but not mentioned in Plan procurement mgmt process.
B) the Risk matrix is part of the Risk Management Plan which is part of the Project Mgmt Plan. The risk matrix might be drawn from organizational process assets during plan risk management. Organizational process assets are updated during the plan procurement management process.

Hence, I would go for B)
The question has asked "updated" and not "created" procurement documents an output of plan procurement process and are created the first time. So the right answer is C

Procurement documents an output of the Plan Procurement Management Process. Question says which document update so the answer is "C". As part of the process, Requirement document is updating.
Looks like you know the answer Moloy in advance !!!

You can also update the Budget Estimates as well .... In real life

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