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Not a good question

Which of the following are an enterprise environmental factor that can influence the Identify
Risks process?
A. Work performance reports
B. Assumptions logs
C. Network diagrams
D. Academic studies
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I don't understand the question. Are you asking which of those can influence your risk management process? Maybe A, but none of the others. Assumption logs is just a written list of assumptions, you don't increase or decrease risk based on that, it's the opposite: To manage a risk you make an assumption. A network diagram is a techie thing, although I guess you could analyze it and see something risky. But then you'd want to add literally every other type of code you have. Academic studies has nothing to do with risk mgmt.

Although maybe that's your point, if this is a question you asked, yeah i'ts not a good question :-)

Are the first 3 really "enterprise environmental factors"? I would say D, because that is more along the lines of EEF's, and not OPA's.

I assume the question is "Which of the following are an enterprise environmental factor that can influence the Risks process?" I'm guessing the word 'Identify' shouldn't be in there.
I choose 'D', since the other choices are artifacts or deliverables, and can hardly be considered environmental factors. A wide disparity in the education levels within on organization could be a hindrance when discussing risks with people, as this could cause erroneous assumptions to be made or misunderstandings to occur when discussing complex concepts.

I would choose D althought it is not very convincing but it is the only EEF. The rest could be considered OPA’s.

Hi Moloy, I agree with Eric and Rami, D is the option that I most think is the answer to your question.

Answer is B "Assumption Logs"

D - Academic studies.
Work performance reports, assumptions logs, network diagrams are part of Organizational Process Assets(OPA). Whereas Academics studies cannot be really considered as OPA, it would rather influence a project as an external Enterprise Environmental Factor(EEF).

Hi Moloy,
A - Work performance reports

Well, just look at page 413 of the PMBoK guide, the only option mentioned as a enterprise environmental factor is D.
Also, the others are outputs (and inputs) of other processes, project documents/artifacts.
It is a typical question of many PMP mock exams, exactly testing PMBoK content. As such I think it is not a good question, which would test a scenario and application of PMBoK knowledge.

The Answer is D Academic studies,

EEP also includes: benchmarking, industry studies and commercial databases. published information, including commercial databases, Published checklists, Benchmarking, Industry studies, and Risk Attitudes
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