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Phone App(s) in Project Management
Quite self explaining. Could you recommend Apps that are handy as a PM practitioner?
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I think Udemy has some apps for PM with a cheap price!!!
Office 365
Are we speaking of tools in executing projects, e.g. JIRA, or general tools for the profession, e.g. PM Network App?

JIRA, Slack, Office Apps, OneDrive (or Drive, Dropbox, etc), SharePoint, task app, Simplenote, Scanner App (Scan paper doc to PDF or image), Podcast App, Medium, PM Network, Chrome/Firefox (sync tabs across devices), Pomodoro, Voice recorder, Mail, Calendar, ...
Slack works great as a collaboration tool.
Projects by Zoho
I have used Wrike and it seems to be a good mobile app, so I concur with Drake on this.
I thoroughly recommend Procore, easily used and integrated to most systems.
Goals Wizard by Brian Tracey.... Tweak it to suit your PM needs.
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