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Why aren't projects baselined at the planning stage?

What percentage of projects are not baselined at the planning stage? Where is the gap? What approach do we need to increase the number of projects with baselines in an organization?
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Hi Damian,

I guess it depends on the organization maturity in project management. In my organizations is mandatory to establish the baselines at the end of the planning stage.

Damian -

A "planning" stage implies that this is a "one & done" thing and that is generally only applicable to deterministic projects. How about those following a rolling-wave approach? There, baselining might happen at the phase or release level on a regular basis?

In general, the principle of baselining whenever a commitment is being made is sound as it provides a basis for performance management, but I wouldn't restrict it to a specific stage...


It is often baselined during planning.

Agree with Jesus

As Jesus said maybe it's right but in usual the baseline defines in planning process as per organization process assets and enterprise environmental factors and other planning process!!!

Thank you all. As Jesus said, it's mandatory for mature organizations to baseline projects during planning stage. Kiron has added something new, which I did not take into consideration that baselines cannot be restricted to a specific stage.

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