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Is there a difference between quality relevant data and quality materials

I am reading a book on project management for instructional designers and there is a section on quality management. I would like to know whether there is a difference between quality materials and quality relevant data. The book lists quality materials as standards, guidelines, checklists, etc. It seems that the data would be what is produced as a result of using the materials during a quality event such as standard audit. Or is the quality relevant data also the materials being used?
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Data is data, no more than that. Data must be transformed into information to be useful. All you need to know about data and information that could be universally applied is here: "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" an article by mathematician Claude E. Shannon published in Bell System Technical Journal.

I understand what data is, but there is some ambiguity with the terminology being used in the text. The terms are quality relevant data, quality materials, and quality events. I have given examples of each above. I see these as all being different terms, but I also observe ambiguity in the usage of the terms quality materials and quality relevant data in the text. It's as if they are saying they are synonyms.

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