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I've just started working as a product manager for a yoga aggregator portal. Can anyone suggest how should I start my journey?
The portal provides yoga at your nearest studio and yoga trainers at home in delhi ncr. Later, we've plans for extension to various online/ offline categories.

Need suggestions how do we start?
What should be the primary and secondary focus?
How can we target initial customers?
What can be the best features in short/ long terms?
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First you need to advertise and market this service as it seems something new in the market and then see the viability of the service you are offering through consumers feedback.
Product Manager is something related to marketing. Is not related to project/program/portfolio management neither related to business analysis while is more clser to this one. Today there is some kind of confusion because it is the same name that some Agile based frameworks give to one of the roles. So, you have to understand the role from a marketing/strategic point of view because it is the field where product manager was born. Is something transversal to all the organization.
Build your roadmap first. Are you trying to build search capabilities for yoga studios based on your location or the address you enter? Start small. Use Google Analytics to measure the usability of your portal. Your roadmap will evolve based on customer feedback.

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