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How can we make Controlling PMO efficient in large organizations?
Hi All,

Please suggest how can controlling PMO add values apart from support and guidance on how to manage projects and ensure compliance with organizational policies?

Open for any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.
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Because the characteristics of PMO has the followings:-

There is no standard for how to organize PMO.
There is no standard processes or methods for best PMO.
PMO have a varies of success rates.

And the best reasons for setup a certain PMO:

-Tie the PMO objectives to the organization's objectives and strategy.
-Be customer focused.
-Compliance with organizational policies/templates/forms/tools/project management frameworks/methodologies.
-Center of Excellence ( at Maturity phase No.5 for OPM)

Thus why It typically has a moderate level of control over projects.

- Repository of procedures/templates and sharing them with stakeholders.
- Promoting best practices, documenting project performance, and analyzing outcomes.

it would be good to look at KRA/KPI and overall strategy of the organization. Look into org's yearly / 3-year plan, look into org's missions. From there, you should tie up and provide recommendations on projects that could support the organization's mission. Categorize projects that are really aligned to organization's goal (as strategic category) and the other functional goals as major/minor. PMO should focus on ensuring the organization focuses and delivers the strategic initiatives.

You could also look at aligning organizational resources towards these strategic projects, and provide the necessary support to acquire, develop, and measure the performances of these resources, in addition to facilitating the respective project managers in prioritizing the resource's workload.
If it is a controlling PMO then they can also do Resources Management across various projects and programs.
Mukunda -

It's rare that a PMO will purely be a controlling one so I'd suggest they might add a lot of value by helping to elevate organizational PM capability.

Agree with Kiron & Rami
If you are in a Controlling PMO there is a reason for that. They are tasked to bring the organization to a level of maturity. The goal is 50% Controlling and 50% Supportive.
Hi, I am involved in resource allocation, vendor selection, PO creation, GR booking, subcons onboarding, vendors management and in rate negotiations as well.

As rightly pointed by Nehru, I should look into org's yearly/3-years plan and think about any other value addition activities.

PS: In past, I have created Leave Management System for subcons in SharePoint with approval workflow and SharePoint Quiz for youtube training videos as a part of value addition activities apart from controlling PMO to help project teams.
A controlling PMO will take some authority from the project manager, or at least it will feel that way. But look at the bright side, they can also share some of the responsibility.
1 reply by Mukunda Adhikari
Sep 10, 2018 8:13 AM
Mukunda Adhikari
Agreed Mr. Vergini.
First thing to do is to clearly define the project/program/portfolio management functions that will be located into the PMO. Second, for each function, you have to locate the client/clients and then you have to work with them about the benefit (value - cost, where both are not related to money only) the expect. With all that on hand then you can define the SMART objectives and the meassures to achieve them.
What is difference between controlling PMO, PM and Delivery manager? As mentioned by Rami, controlling PMO can involve in Resource management across projects and programs but for that he needs to understand scope boundaries of project so resource requirement raised by PM's are genuine. So delivery manager as to ensure the resource requirements raised by PM across projects are valid for the project pools under him. So please correct if controlling PMO plays part role of Delivery manager, PM etc.. I have been currently given role & responsibility of PM, controlling PMO,Delivery Manager etc since there was no Delivery manager in place.
1 reply by Mukunda Adhikari
Sep 11, 2018 12:05 AM
Mukunda Adhikari
If PM is asking you for resource, either you are Functional Manager or Program Manager. Controlling PMO can allocate resources in consultation with Program/Functional manager only unless PMO is directive.

Please correct me.
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