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Any biological sciences basic reasearchers here?
I would like to network with any peers in this group! It seems so much more common for project management principles to be used by hospitals for clinical management, and sometimes by biotech/pharma for R&D project management, but what about basic research projects in science, being conducted at universities and research institutes? I would like to hear from you, how you got interested in project management, or what formalization of the project management side of your job has achieved for your research or other goals. Thanks!
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There are a few Einsteins here Beverley. I'm sure they will jump into this thread soon...
I am performing research in some fields and I am working as professor in some Universities. In both cases I am applying project management principles in my personal work and I am trying to introduce it with my students no matter the topics I am teaching are not related to project management. I do not if that is what you are asking for. clockwork!
Appreciating this reply is coming waaayy after your initial request, but I work in the research project management space. I am PMP certified since 2001 when I worked in international pharmaceutical R&D with my chemistry PhD. In the last few years I've developed courses and workshops on project management for research which I provide at the University of Toronto and have also provided to trainees under Canada's federal natural sciences and health research funders and to agricultural researchers in Africa. Happy to connect if you are still looking for like-minded people.

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