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After PMP certification

Hello all,

After certification how do we ensure we are in the constant mindset of PMP framework, methodology, tools and techniques. Eventhough we are in project and program management we may not apply all the tools and techniques same time.


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Earning PDU's and participation in PMI local chapter activities, access to Webinars etc will ensure

You have to engage with conferences, read articles, engage with this community, engage with your local chapter

Being in this forum is a great way to keep updated.

Read CCRs' handbook and earn PDU's from watching webinars from this site as free if you have valid membership and think other certificate related to your field!!!!

First, PMP is a certification as you know. So, i will assume that you write PMP in reference to use project management. Second, if you follow the PMI way then you have to take from the PMBOK what best fit for your initiative. PMBOK is a guide, no more than that. In our case, we use some tools and techniques not listed inside the PMBOK will in the basement we follow all it is stated inside PMI standards.

Agree with my colleagues.
PMP certification is the start not the end of a long and exciting journey :)
Much to do, e.g. participate on the forums, attend virtual and physical conferences, write articles, tutor, mentor and couch younger practitioners etc.

There are more specific certifications such as PBA, ACP, RMP, PgMP you can do.

keep up going

Peer level support and coaching/mentoring will help. Organizational standards can also help - for example, if your company's PM methodology is based on the PMBOK. QA practices surrounding project delivery can also increase the likelihood of appropriate behavior.


You don't have to be in the constant mindset of PMP framework, methodology, tools and techniques. Sacrilege, I know, but it's true. PMI offers one approach that you apply based on your circumstances. It's kind of like asking how you apply Scrum to every project; you don't. Likewise, if you're applying Scrum, how do you constantly apply PMI's framework, methodology, tools and techniques. Again, you don't.

The distinctions between PMI, Prince2, DSDM, Scrum, SAFe, etc... are to give practitioners a common frame of reference when working together. Ultimately, it's all work. That being said, the other response you've received provide good advice, and you should apply it to other areas, in addition to PMP.

Agree that we may not apply all at the same time but it is a good idea to be in touch with the PM framework as only then you can update yourself. It is a good idea to specialize yourself in a domain of project management.

I agree with my colleagues here. Try to participate in forums, virtual / online conferences and local PMI chapters.
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