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I am a PMI-ACP now

on 03/09 I successfully cleared PMI-ACP,one of the fastest growing and most sought-after Agile certification, with 'Above Target' in all the 7 domains.

Here is my study plan and tips&tricks that may be userful to you if you are planning for this certification and feel free to reach out to me for any further guidance.

1.Details about certification and eligibility can be found at -

2.Dedicate at least 2 hours/day during weekdays and 4 hours/day during weekends.

3.My experience is preparation takes approximately 10-12 weeks.

4. Practice as many sample exams as possible(Both free and paid exams). Some of the links are provided below for your reference.

5.Recommended books
Head First Agile
PMI-ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffiths
The PMI-ACP Exam: How To Pass On Your First Try by Andy Crowe

6. Last but not least - Practice Being Agile not Doing Agile - Thoroughly understand the Agile Values and Principles
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Congratulations Bala! Thanks for sharing. I have PMI-ACP in wish list.


Wow--excellent experience-based and practical advice you shared here, Bala! In today's PMI Organizational Agility Conference, they were just discussing the value that will soon be (and in some cases already IS) placed on that ACP certification. Timely suggestions!

Kudos, and thanks for this advice!

Congratulations Bala, Great Achievement.

I have cleared this exam few months ago and it was a very interesting journey and learning experience for me.

Bala, Thanks for sharing your experiences and valuable resource information.

Congrats, Bala. And thanks for sharing valuable information for preparing for the certification.

Congratulations and all the very best to you!!

Thank you all.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.. guess will use it to clear mine! :)

Congratulations Bala !
Thanks for sharing your experience & Tips for exam preparation.
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