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Driving value creation
How do you drive value creation within the PM arena
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I do agree with Kiron that we cannot drive value by ourselves but we should definitely steer the team in that direction. For instance, in the team that I was given, there were no demos with stakeholders - only status updates. This seemingly small suggestion of conducting demos with stakeholders drove a lot of value because stakeholders were able to give feedback to us. It helped us drive better conversations.

As for innovations, a suggestion would be first be transparent about the fact that we encourage innovation in the team. In my opinion, this is very important because folks sometimes keep their ideas / side-projects to themselves because they are scared that they would be tied to an outcome. Innovation also means that there would be failures along the way and if there are negative points for trying then no one would try! I make it a point to ask people for spike suggestions in a program increment. We can also make time for that and the delivery isn't impacted.
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