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The king is dead - long live the king!

I think we all heard the news that Mark Langley is retiring, and there are several discussions on other social media platforms about the next CEO but the right forum for a PMI discussion is right here - at least if we want our voice to be heard (or kid ourselves that it's actually being heard)!

Recognizing that it's quite possible that the Board already made the decision about the next CEO (usually a departure is announced when succession is already in place) and this discussion may be useless, I'd like to bring here the opinion that several people (including myself) expressed on other collaboration platforms.

PMI is not just a money-making machine, it is our professional association and must represent members' interests, needs and objectives - sadly, not something visible in the last couple of years! As a member for many years, it seems that PMI has become a PMP machine, with people joining to get the PMP exam discount and dropping off in a few years as they don't see value for the (reasonably high) membership fee.

To change that, the next CEO (that runs the day-to-day affairs under strategic direction from the Board - a.k.a. lots of free room for interpretation) should not only be an accomplished executive that can run a large corporation but also someone that understands the real day-to-day life of the members. There are plenty of executives that grew through project management ranks, and maybe even are/were PMI members - why not select one of them that can run PMI not only as a business, but also based on a true understanding of the members' and association's needs!

Finally, I know that traditionally a CEO is recruited through a head-hunter's search, but why not post for the job on PMI's site as well? It an executive sees it there it's probably someone that should be at least considered... And don't get me wrong, the final selection should be a merit-based decision based on qualifications, but why "understanding PMI and project management" cannot be one of these qualifications?

And to be clear, I am ABSOLUTELY NOT interested on applying.

Any thoughts?
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Any reasonable bean counter will do. The value is in the membership community :-)

One would hope that it is someone who has served at multiple levels of the PMI organization as an employee or volunteer for years, was a practicing PM and has a strategic vision for the organization...

However, given the significant role of advocacy and stakeholder relations for the CEO, it would not surprise me for it to be someone with a long track record as a C-level executive in a major corporation...


No doubt member engagement is one of top priorities for PMI growth. But 'staying relevant' by adopting new technologies in all aspects of PM profession is another must have necessities.

Someone with background in administration of large institutions and good experience in technology implementations should be a good fit.

Agree with Ashok


I pretty much agree with what you’ve mentioned. More should be done on the members services side so that people do not use PMI as a tool to get the PMP with discounted price.

I trust the new CEO should be a seasoned volunteer with PMI and a seasoned professional in project management, understands the organization’s strategies and goals, understands the members needs, and also gives serious thought to enhancing this community’s website as it needs some serious work.

Rightly said Rami and Ashok
I agree with you!

Also, our new CEO should focus on following measures,

- to expand 'formal acceptability' of PMs in 'wider section of industries'

- to engage experts to enhance PM education ...akin to MBA

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