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Project Manager Sign-Off
Dear All! I am a Marketing Manager student and I need help concerning my school project. The basis of the task is the construction of 150 student apartments. My question is how much would a Project Manager Sign-Off cost if it takes 3 days? Thank you for helping!
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Hi Zsófia:

Just wanted to get clarification – are you looking to determine the Cost of Delay or is that what you’re estimating it will take for the project manager to complete that task?

I’m estimating the cost it will take for a project manager to complete task. How much does this process cost approximately?
Thank you
We need more information to be able to answer this Zsófia. You mention project manager sign-off? They are signing off or the customer? If it's the PM, that would depend on whether the customer has already signed off and the resources have been released on the project, thus leaving the PM alone to sign off, perhaps because they have some documentation to complete before they sign off, hence it would be simply the daily rate x 3. But if the customer has not yet signed off, well then the project is still open, and some resources will still be hanging around in case the customer doesn't sign off due to quality issues for example. The next variable is who signs off first in your project case; the PM or the customer? Do you have a budget and timeline for the project? This will determine (and help you calculate) the costs associated with the task "sign-off". Are there any contracts in place with this project? This may introduce penalties for project delay, and/or sign-off delay. There are so many variables not detailed in your post that would assist in answering your question.
I do not fully understand your question either. The project is building 150 apartments and you want the cost for sign-off if it takes three days ? What does that mean exactly ? and which task you as talking about ?

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