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In your opinions, What is the impact of women’s resilience (forces they use to overcome gender issues obstacles) on the project team, on the project (time, budget, Human resources) ,and on the organ
Human Resources are the blood vessels of any project ... succesful organization are tailored by their talented employees..Work in harmony is an important issue in any working place ... gender issues in a male dominated field affect these harmony... many professional women change carrier because they can’t stand the pressure in their work environment, this is related to gender issues... therefore percentage of women working in these fields is very low even in the industrialized countries...Yet , there are many women who made it , and even made it to the top in these non traditional fields using there resilience ; ie. using forces that they developed to overcome gender obstacles (examples I gave above in the question)...
I have done some lecture, workshop , and one on one mentoring to come up with the result of some of these forces...
As I m an advocate of working in harmony for both man and women , And as this definitely affect project management in many ways, I m turning to my colleagues (you) to have a real and honest feedback related to the impact of women’s resilience on the project team, on the project it self ( time, budget ecc) and on the organization en general... this way I can consolidate and transfer these messages to key player in some organization so they can benefit from them..your opinion is very valuable ..thank you
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I see gender bias is slowly fading away, primarily due to benefits of actual talent helping organizations to achieve their goals. Any bias acts as constraint. Even partisan political organization employ talented staff to validate data analytics to eliminate distortion/bias.

It may not be too far when pure talent & skill will rule over cronyism, gender and other bias.
Thank you all for your feedback and support... each of you brought an interesting point of view to the discussion ...
We all agree that resilience is required for any person regardless of gender to overcome obstacles at work and personal life, but let’s consider the following:

1. The issue here is not about the resilience to overcome regular work or team problems , the issue in this discussion is about the development of resilience to overcome GENDER problems, which is very much different then any other problem. For example, dealing with verbal sexual herrassment on a job site or in the office, intimidation , bullying etc. and we can not close our eyes and say they do not exist.. and that men and women in male dominated field are treated the same , and there is no difference and what matter is competency . I have done conference, workshop and one on one discussion with men women and I can tell you that this problem exist in all cultures, but vary with society
2. When we talk about project team , we don’t only talk about the project manager , we are talking about the whole team envolve in the project from the top until the very bottom of the hierarchy ..and the impact of each one of them on the team and on the project ... so if there is an issue on the bottom, certainly will affect the upper steps of the ladder and vice versa.

Now, as I said , there are so many women that developed resiliency to these kind of problems and continue to be successful in these kind field and they are few...... but the question is what is the impact of these issues on the team and on the project and how to mitigate them .

First we have to identify the impact of women who had developed these resilience , on the team , on the project and on the organization to be able to know how to benefit from that, how we are going to support them in their development so they don’t let go and retain these talents , and mostly how to mitigate such problem in our team.
For example, I agree with what Alfredo said , as leaders these topic should be part of team development and training ...
This could be a mitigation strategy..
And I agree with Mark that we need to capture and employ these skills..

Can you think of positive or negative impact on the team and the project?
What should project managers and leaders do to support these women ?
What could be a good mitigation strategy??

Thank you again for your participation
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