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Recommendation for scheduling software
I manage professional services projects with a team of engineers and am looking for a solution that will allow me to schedule and forecast for them. What do you use that works well for you?
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MS Project, or for smaller and/or less complex projects, Excel can do the trick. I've heard good things about Monday dot com.
I use MS Project all the time and it works very well for simple or more complex projects.
I gues MS Project is a great tool to do so
MS Project or Primavera
Primavera P6 is most popular software for scheduling!!!!
Office 365 with Project Online.
I use MS Project and Primavera. Both software are good. Primavera is the best.
Danny -

How many folks and projects are we talking about and what's your budget for this?

That will help to narrow down the choices...


Both Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 can be used for scheduling. Microsoft Project is more easier to learn. Both softwares have pros and cons. Before to purchase I recommend you to use their trial versions. 

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