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Recommendation for scheduling software
I manage professional services projects with a team of engineers and am looking for a solution that will allow me to schedule and forecast for them. What do you use that works well for you?
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I used different software but MS Project is the best!
I use and will recommend Microsoft project.
Primavera P6
Depends on your own requirements. It looks like you may need skill scheduling and your resources are limited. If yes then you need Spider Project, if no MS Project is sufficient. Primavera P6 has the same capabilities as MS Project in your case but MSP is cheaper and easier to use.
Your selection can be justified if you will create the list of requirements and look at the tools that do what you need.
Excel (there are some free Templates) if just for small not complex project.

MS Projects or Primavera for medium complexity projects + Excel or any BI tool for reporting.

If you need optimize utilization of resources you may need professional scheduling tool, like Spider Project.
You've had a lot of answers on scheduling. What exactly are you looking at forecasting?
I recently found out that for very basic and high level scheduling you can use Microsoft Visio.

Visio gives you much more options for visualizing and presenting your schedule than most of the existing schedule software in the market.

Note that you can also import data from MS Project into Visio.
Primavera P6 is easy to learn if they limit training to what you really need to know. P6 have a lot of powerful tools that most users don’t need. I have been successful training users quickly by limiting the training. Once they start using it, they can learn all the other tools as needed. My experience is that the 1 week Primavera training creates an information overload and users tend to forget the important aspects to do their job. At the company I used to work I limited training to one day (new users) which went through the basics and followed up with hour long seminars covering the details and tools.
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