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Hi! Would like to know who are long with PMI membership, how is the best way to benefit from it? What tools are there? Thx!

I have just joined PMI membership and would like to know from those who are long there, how I can benefit from it. I am interested in - PMP exam - can I take it in my home country? Online? Where I can establish networking / PMI site - other resources? Also interested in finding project management job opportunities for myself - where is the best way to look for them? Thank you!
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Welcome on board this community. You can benefit from your premium PMI (Paid) membership in many ways of which some are:

1- You can download all references / books for free, including the PMBOK
2- Discounted Exam & Renewal Fees.

You can also engage with the community here, ask any questions, attend premium webinars, virtual conferences and so on.

The online exam you can take online is the CAPM exam and it is a proctored online exam. All other exams must be in person at a prometric Center. I assume you should have a center in Ukraine, but not so sure. You can contact PMI and ask them or get in touch with your PMI local chapter.

As for job opportunities, I advise you to be a member and connect with your local chapter depending on which city you are in. There is one in Kiev and here is the link:

In your local chapter, you get the chance to network, find mentorship and volunteer opportunities as well.

Hope this helps.

On a side note, your name appear like this on my screen: ???????????? so check out the language setting.

Excellent information, Kiron! I noticed same issue with ????????????

And I noticed Kiron wasn't here...

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