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Looking ahead at Program and Project Management
What do you believe the future ( next 5 to 7 years) of program and project management is likely to be?
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As a profession, project management is required to accelerate their activities to maintain their currency and relevancy in this profession. Things are changing, change is accelerating and the changes are and will continue to impact all of us!
Kev -

Greater opportunities through machine learning and other technological advances to reduce administrative efforts thus allowing a PM to focus more on the people-centric aspects of the profession (e.g. servant-leadership & stakeholder engagement).

It is highly likely we will have a TRUE digital assistant based on artificial intelligence and with a voice in/out interface that is specifically designed for project management.
The digital world will improve a lot our performance but we will lose the capability to run projects manually.
Agile projects will gain more share in the total project market.
PM has a bright future as long as humans work and change stuff. At the core, project managers reduce uncertainty, basically by showing a plan and creating trust. In a VUCA world uncertainty is growing.
I do agree with Kiron
Hi Kevin,

Great opportunities lie ahead... for those willing and eager to adapt!

Changes are occuring everywhere at an increasing speed. We live in a VUCA world, which means big opportunities for us as PMs to become enablers of these changes and beacons of light for the people involved, with technology aiding us deliver projects successfully so we can focus on the aspects machines can't replace humans.

As everything becomes more and more intertwined, I foresee a big increase in Project, Program and Portfolio Management demand, instead of having many projects empirically managed, managed separately from others or without strategic alignment as we still see in many organizations nowadays.

Results will matter more and more!
I expect COVID-19 will still be leaving its mark on many industries, including project and program management. Physical distancing, remote meetings, masks, and gloves will become prevalent.
Dear Kevin
I'm inclined to have an opinion similar to Michael's: "It is highly likely we will have a TRUE digital assistant based on artificial intelligence and with a voice in / out interface that is specifically designed for project management".
The promise of WorkFusion is a little more radical. To replace the Project Manager with Artificial Intelligence
As a well-informed person, what is your opinion, dear Kevin?

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