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Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence
How would you feel about using an artificial intelligence (AI) based project management assistant currently and say in five years?
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It would have to slowly prove itself and show true value.
I agree with Georgia and that will not be done quickly and it will not be easy.
I would welcome it. My readings on AI and project management have depicted AI in such roles as helping identify risks and make resource utilization more efficient. AI would certainly be useful in quantitative matters like these.
Bring it on.
That would be interesting, that won’t really fly in Construction Projects or maybe I can’t imagine how it will.
Would be interesting. I have an open mind. Let's see where things go.
Project Management is part art and part science. If the AI can help address the lower level day to day minutia that helps with the success of the project to free the Project Manager to focus on the soft skills and harder areas that require thinking outside of the box why wouldn’t I want to embrace it?
Always open to incorporating innovation and AI into the industry. We should identify methods to leverage such automation or AI in our project management strategy.
Kev -

I'd love to use one to take over the "grunt" work. Ideally, having one which learned based on my input would be great.

AI is going to change the world and no wonder it will affect on the project management also.
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