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I am working on the RMP certification, any good advice?

Looking through prep sites the material seems a bit dated. Looking at the Practice Standard for Risk it references the 4th Ed PMBOK.

Any words of wisdom anyone can give to prep for this exam?
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Please refer a person, who is Alaa sultan, he is the best one for RMP!!! You can find him in Facebook!!!

Hi Lee,

I did the exam earlier this year and did study from the PMBOK 5th Edition. The Practice Standard has not yet been updated but it will be very soon as the new edition draft review was completed recently so probably the new edition of the standard will be released the the 1st or 2nd Quarter of 2019 and then exam will change by then.

You can check my RMP jouney notes via my blog:

Good Luck !

I passed mine in February. I used Belinda Fremouw's RMO prep book and a Simplilearn class. I found some online tests and quizzes.
You can also check out Rami's path at

Hi Lee,
A number of members have posted extremely valuable advice about their journey to RMP certification on this site which you can search by just typing RMP exam in search bar. However, two sources which help me get through are
- PMI- RMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy
- PMI-RMP Exam Prep by AlKuwaiti

Hi Lee ,
I have just launched a 30 Contact hours course on Udemy , it includes a comprehensive overview of all material needed for the exam , you can view the course on link below :

I have been told great things about the Rita exam prep books.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback so far. I have ordered a couple of books to study and reviewed several online resources suggested here.

I have my 30 contact hours done, and application submitted. I took one practice test so far and ended up with a 74% so I will need to get a whole lot more studying done.

My plan is to take the RMP exam in early December.

Well I scheduled the test and passed. It took 56 days application to test.

I thought the test was quite challenging with a number of very long scenario questions.

I took the full amount of time on the test as there were about a hundred questions that had 2 answers very close and either could have been right, but one was 'righter" )

Glad to have the RMP in the bag...
1 reply by KISHANKUMAR Solanki
Nov 27, 2018 7:29 AM
Congratulations Lee. for your success at PMI-RMP.

I am planning to take the test soon.

Application approved.

Can you share study materials - email

Thanks in advance


Congratulations and preparing in 56 days is a remarkable achievement.

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