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Can project management deal with reliability aspect just like it does with quality aspect?

Although project management approach determines a clear path to ensure that deliverables meet the predetermined quality standards. As far as product reliability is concerned it's parameters are a bit different from that of quality but they are predetermined as well. I just wonder as if project management can influence the effort of meeting reiability objectives just like quality?
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It should in my view. Reliability is one of the quality attribute.

As Rajesh stated above, reliability is one of the quality attributes. As project manager you are not in charge of defining quality attributes related to product. The business analyst is. From all related to product the project manager must define all related to project. Then, in project quality definition, the project manager will take the product quality definition created by the business analyst and will define all needed and only the needed in project scope to address the product quality attributes.

Reliability should always be a goal, as stated above it is a quality attribute.

Reliability will be an ongoing matter long after the project is finished and you have moved on to managing other ones, so the project should set up means of measuring, reporting and auditing reliability, and identify who will be responsible for those in the long term.

Thank you all for the responses.
Well! Reliability can be viewed as a quality attribute but as Tim pointed out, it has more to do with the operational performance. That is the probability that the product will meet the operational requirements in specific conditions for a definite time period.
Merging reliability with quality may not be possible at times. That's why I intended to see the responses as to how project management processes can be modified or added to cater for reliability issue separately just like quality.
Just can we do some brainstorming?

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