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PM-Agile vs. Regular PMP (or PMP with Waterfall)?

What are differences (& Pros & Cons) between: PM-Agile, vs. Regular PMP (or PMP with Waterfall)?
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The main difference between the tow is the way requirements are being gathered and How changes are being managed . In waterfall the requirements are clear and gatherered and defined early in the project and the change control system objective is to restrict the scope from being changed , while in Agile requirments are vague and evolves throughout the project life cycle , therefore change is mandatory and incorporated to reach the project objectives .

What you are referring to is Adaptive (Agile) vs. Predictive (Regular) and this question will probably unleash a host of response about what it is and what it is not. But as far as difference are concerned probably the most obvious is that it adaptive places the emphasis on a rolling wave implementation i.e. you would break down tasks and deliverable into small chunks that you will repeat between initiation and closure (Not the official fancy definition). The one pro obviously is that allows you better control and the ability to adapt to change more easily since you are working with smaller deliveries and time frames. The biggest con I've experienced is that not all industries adopt the approach willing, if at all. Construction comes to mind where you will have a bigger than usual struggle to get stakeholder on board. My opinion, somebody will tell me I'm wrong ;)

Things to understand are: 1-there is not something PM. There are PMs performing their job following a way (PMI, IPMA, PRINCE2 method, GPM,etc) in different environments. In my actual work place (and I was in charge of all related to it) the same PM is assigned to more than one initiative using Agile, Lean and non-Agile/Lean approaches at the same time. 2-Agile is a practice, an approach. You can use Agile with any type of life cycle, for example waterfall. 3-Agile and waterfall are not matter of comparison. Agile is a practice, waterfall is a life cycle process based on predictive life cycle model.

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