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Can PM solve world's problems?
Can Project Management be used, to solve some of the world's most important problems (such as: disaster recovery after hurricanes/floods etc, violence/crime, peace on earth, water supply, help elderly/disabled/ill, childcare, etc.)?
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These issues don't persist due to a lack of organization, but due to such human failings as greed and selfishness. Project Management can't do anything to change those root problems, unfortunately.
Like these issues, I think not all, because, it's not project management methodology to solve these issues!!!!
Can't solve socioeconomic issues but can solve the result of it i.e. managing disaster recovery programs.
In my country, Argentina, we have the following statement. Here comes. As you know, Pope Francisco is argentinian. Because of that we can take some conference call with God. In the last one, we make an agreement with God: as God, he will not perform project management. As project mangers, we will not make miracles.
Joanna -

Project management won't envision the solutions to a crisis, but good project & change management will increase the odds of implementing specific components of the selected solution.

Hi Joanna, it's impossible to provide a straightforward and categorical answer to this question. Hurricanes/floods, violence/crime unlike water supply are not facts that simple individuals can prevent but only manage by establishing disaster recovery programs. But generally saying, PM final and ultimate goal is to solve world's problems.
PM can't solve the world's problems but can surely help by definition in effectively executing possible solutions.
Project management can be applicable in almost all the areas. I don't think PM has a magic wand to solve the world problems.
Laura Barnard created a very interesting blog: "Did you know Project Management can Change the world?"
I really appreciate your insightful ideas.
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