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PM Political Considerations

How do you reflect political considerations on a project (such as government, politics, etc), through PM? In what activities, process group, phase, etc?
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In my projects most political considerations take the form of risks, such as ‘The project might be put on hold for three weeks due to a federal government shutdown.’

It depends on the current events, or more importantly, the current project ( or projects).

I agree with Eric that the first step is to consider if politics is a risk item. If it has a likelihood to happen and impact is substantial, then do the mitigation plan. So the risk analysis should start at the project planning phase.

Under Planning process group: Identify and analyze political risks as per qualitative and quantitative methods, follow by plan risk responses.
Under Executing: Implement risk responses.
Under Monitoring and Controlling: Monitor risks and evaluate risks responses.

Im my case they were managed as risks and assumptions and constraints.

External risk.

Government standards, regulations and political climate are part of Enterprise Environmental Factors, which refer to conditions, not under the control of the project team, that influence, constrain, or direct the project.

Government departments and political parties can become project stakeholders with an outward influence on the work of the project. Political awareness is also necessary for managing stakeholder engagement.

Short answer: address them in your risk analysis. Having said that, of course in projects in the public domain (governmental projects) politics are often the instigator of the project and therefore play an eminent role in the project. Often as the sponsor of the project and then they should be treated as such.

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