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Agile outside IT and product development
What steps do I need to take to incorporate Agile into an industry such as Construction / Manufacturing .
How would I structure my iterations and review my KPIs?

I have always used Waterfall for most of my projects in infrastructure be it telecommunication or construction.

I have always familiarized myself with Agile and the practice, taken training and read books. So I would appreciate to have an expert's insight on how to incorporate it into these fields.

A use of a case study would be appreciated. thank you
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Oct 08, 2018 6:39 AM
Replying to Dennis Githinji Mwaniki
Thank you for that contribution.

I sought for a case study because it would be an easier way to lay out how different aspects were different, and how they were sorted.
The "worst part" is agile was pushed by software people then things I stated and are critical to take into account were missed. For a chance of the destiny I was part of both: the Forum and then the software movement when I worked with today "cellebrities" at OOSPLA and then when I was one more of the group of authors of DSDM version 1 and 2 when it was a free for use method.
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