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How i can get a motivated project team?

Good Evening

I have a problem with the motivaton and integration of my project team, we actually used AGILE methodology but we cant get the goals in every Sprint because the team dont have the comrpomisse and the motivation to finish their asignations with the Quality that the business need
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Are you sure team's lack of motivation is related to Agile implementation or, it's a general issue?

BTW, there are various means to motivate project team members. First you have to know them (their aptitude, issues/shortcomings, aspirations) one-by-one. Then, figure out what's bothering them by drawing evaluation metric /table?

Communication: Do they know ...'what tasks' needs to be done? 'How' that needs to be done and 'When' that needs to be delivered by them? Engage them by clear channels of communications.

Task Challenges: Are assigned tasks / participation is too simple or, too hard for them? Do they need training (for hard tasks) or, additional challenges (for simple boring tasks)?

Resources: Is resources and related infrastructure made available to them. So they can perform in realistic manner.

Rewards/Benefits: Has their performance been tied to their benefits (monetary as well as non-monetary benefits). Draw a performance evaluation plan for members failing in their roles.

Please share more about your team. So, we can share comments more appropriate to your situation.

If you are using agile practices and tools but key stakeholders haven't adopted an agile mindset when dealing with the team, it's little surprise that there would be a motivation issue...


Why do you say that is about motivation? By the way, the first thing to do before using any type of approach but mainly before using Agile is working on culture, between other things. Perhaps the organization where you belongs to starting using Agile methods like "silver bullets".

Great points, Ashok!

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