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Best forum for those preparing for the PMP@ exam?
For those of you who are preparing for the PMP exam, where do you get the most support, advice, guidance, and resources? Is it here on On a Facebook group?

For those of you who already have the PMP credential, what online community would you recommend most for those who are preparing for the PMP exam?
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Simpli-learn community was quite helpful and PMchallenge questions from was a good practice and some practice test from the Rita Mulcahy PMP exam prep book
At the time I did my PMP, this website was useful.
This is a very helpful and useful community with a significant number of engaged members from various industries along with webinars and challenge questions.
I renewed my PMP certification several times using to get PDUs. It is also a good source of information/knowledge.
For PMP preparation there are books and training courses. I personally used a famous book (no promotion permitted here). In conjunction with PMBok and experience it can be enough to pass the exam.
Another good community are meet-ups. I found them more useful than the local chapter.
LinkedIn forums can useful but there too much 'noise' from people with commercial interests.
Hi Eric, is a great place to get advice and guidance. Another great place for that is the biggest and most active PMP prep related LinkedIn Group "I want to be a PMP."
I do also give some guidance and help at my website, and I even have developed a PMP Prep Guidance Program which can be found as an online course. That is NOT a prep course, but it is a program which works like your very own study plan with a ton of tips and help.
Unfortunately, i am not allowed to post the links here in the discussion board, but you may write me a short private note if you are interested in that resources and i will send you the links right away.

Best of luck for your preparations anyway.


Eric, be thorough with PMBOK and try with PM Challenge on Also, put more concentration on inputs, tools & techniques and outputs.
Reading PMBOK and rita for understanding and solve a lot of questions!!! is the best place to learn PMP Training .Well trained faculties and the sessions would be more interactive with live examples.They provide a practical oriented training. They provide flexible classes with different batch timings which helps working professionals to know more take a visit to this site:

This platform is great, and there are also several Facebook and LinkedIn Study groups for support during exam preparation.


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