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What is the best way to capture, track and report change control activities
Any preferred tools?
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Whatever tool you use, it is important to make sure that your project sponsor and key stakeholders take ownership of the changes and their impact on the project. This means that these changes need to be thoroughly studied, with input from key people to come up with options and estimates, and that key stakeholders commit to their decisions and are reminded of them as often as is needed to avoid surprised or disappointment later. As this is mostly about relationships and visibility, the tools are of secondary importance. Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets, email, and lots of face-to-face communication are my tools of choice.
All related to project management must be part of the project plan and project schedule. If not there is not way to make those activities visible. Then, project change control activities which are defined into the project change control management process are part of the project schedule. To capture them we use the logs with the similar format that you can find into the PMBOK plus additional documents we need to prepare for people that must decide about the change when impact analysis activities are performed.
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This should be defined in your change management plan which would have been developed early in the life of the project. In most cases there will be a combination of a change request template of some kind as well as a change control system. The content and features of these should be driven by organization standards and by the needs of a given project, so it could be anything from MS Word/Excel to a commercial solution.

Google Sheets, JIRA, Zoho
I concur with my colleagues. We use JIRA to track and report change control activities.
Thank you all for your inputs. I have got some good points.

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