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Resources for biomedical research scientists?
I'm interested in anything you have come across for pharma/biotech/academic researchers doing biomedical project management....Books, articles, classes, webinars, certificates, etc?? It's a smaller subfield but important, thanks.
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Hi Beverley,

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) just introduced the ACRP-PMĀ® subspecialty for certification.

There are also fairly regular webinars and the DMV area chapter is pretty strong with regular local events. Happy to intro you to their chapter leaders.

The MAGI conference provides PM learning tracks.

Those orgs are both Academic-Pharma based.
Romiya, do you know if any of these resources that you mention are applicable to basic sciences? I do not do clinical work and so I usually avoid anything with "Clinical" in the title because it's likely to include a lot of systems that are not relevant to my particular applications (and also I avoid those job ads even though they are numerous because I know nothing of clinical research!).

For the DMV chapter are you talking about the ACRP chapter? or the PMI chapter?

I will look in to the MAGI conference and see what that is about thanks!

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