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International Project Management Day
November 1, 2018, and annually the first Thursday in November, is International Project Management Day. Is your organization planning to do anything? Both curious and looking for ideas to pass on to our executives.

Here's a link to the not-for-free webinar agenda from IIL, IIL was the originator in 2004:
Here is PMI New Jersey's conference:
Here is the Toronto, Canada conference info:
And here's one more link for a free webinar:
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John, Thanks for sharing! Our organization haven't planned yet! Your information is definitely an initiative.
Some good events lined up.
I've attended IIL's International Project Management Day for the last two years. It is definitely a good investment. Not only do you get some very good educational sessions but they also throw in a couple of their courses with the fee.. Having a National Conference in Lagos on the same day
Good event!!!
My local chapter isn’t active on that!
Considering IIL event

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