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Monitoring Emerging Technologies

What is the best source or way to identify and monitor, on a continuing basis, the innovative technologies that are currently or about to emerge that might be impactful to you as professional?
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I find certain newsletters, like EnGadget, critical to stay in the loop of what people and companies are coming up with.

Google and TED :-)

Also some blogs ! Your blog :-)

This is easier for me to answer due to the fact that I am the Operations manager and as part of tech delivery I insist on delivery and upskilling of training prior to any tech transfer into service.

The other methods we use are online upskilling through training delivery providers ie Cybrary, CareerAcademy etc. We also have in-house training facilities for this requirement.

Kev, I believe what you are asking for is a research strategy. Unfortunately, there isn't just one source that is going to provide you consistent visibility into the timelines of cutting edge technologies, and Google is only a starting point.

Given your title, I suspect you already know most of this. So, please excuse me if anything I suggest seems rudimentary. With that in mind, I'd recommend the following:

1. Determine if there are industry magazines or blogs that are tracking the technology you are interested in. I find Wired Magazine ( to be a good source of tech news, for example, with lots of pieces on upcoming technologies. If I want information on solar, though, I would turn to Solar PV Magazine ( Just depends on what you need to know.

2. Follow the companies on social media that are reporting on or developing the technologies you are interested in. Subscribe to their feeds and you'll be notified when they broadcast news releases and PR. If they don't have a feed, find a source that can provide that for you.Once identified, feed aggregators can help automate the collection and categorization of this info. ( for example).

3. Contact the companies producing those technologies to see what materials they have available, and ask them what their timelines look like. (Most companies will often share much more than one would think).

4. If you have a time crunch or can't spend a lot of time on research, hire someone to do it for you. Industry Analysts might be a good place to look for someone like that.

Hope these suggestions are helpful. But perhaps if you shared what technologies you are interested in, or if you just want industry news, we might be able to provide more specific advice.

Depending on the selected strategy to meet the company’s business needs, first of all an identification of the relevant technologies and/or technology platforms is required.

The next step involves the implementation of an adequate system of technology surveillance that allows to monitor in real time and on a global scale the following factors, events and mechanisms:

• Maintenance of an updated register of the world top research teams related to the selected nuclear technologies;

• Presence in the relevant world events covering congresses, seminars and fairs, such as for example the annual HIT – World Innovation Summit in Barcelona ( ).

• Regular research in international databases of scientific and technology publications, as well as the search of certain keywords on the internet;

• Regular tracking of specialist magazines where the latest technologic developments are presented, such as for example the magazine Technology Review (

Regarding the implementation of an effective technology surveillance system, the contribution of the company’s I&D department and the adoption of a logic of internal and external stakeholders network cooperation become a critical factor of success.

Main advantages of implementing technology surveillance in your professional activity: anticipate changes, prevent business risks, detect market opportunities, base innovations and / or improvements.

Just following, I would like to know too. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, All! Lot of good information.

In the now gadgets, CNET, Seeker,

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